The Five-Factor Personality Inventory III
(Hendriks, Hofstee, De Raad, & Brokken, 2019)

The FFPI-III is an open-access questionnaire, consisting of 100 questions about how someone is as a person. For example:

Is this person someone who...
     ... adapts easily?
no ? yes

Answering the questions takes approximately 15 minutes. The responses are processed into a personality profile on the trait factors Extraversion, Mildness, Orderliness, Emotional Stability and Autonomy, and a summarizing characterization. You can find the meaning of these trait factors here.

In the report (which you can download), the profile is set alongside the average self-report of the (Dutch) adult.

There are three possibilities:

Colleagues who would like to use the FFPI-III (self-reports only) for research purposes may contact us via Please mention that it concerns data collection for scientific research and briefly state its aims.